Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Price of a Trophy Versus Value of a Trophy

A sad story reported by the Daily Mail yesterday about football legend Ian Wright having some of his trophies put up for auction. We were interested to see the valuations put on some of the trophies - for instance, Wrighty's Golden Boot trophy, awarded for his 29 goals in the 1991-92 season, was up for sale at £6,000. The report also suggested that a Goal of the Month trophy, awarded for his goal against Swindon in 1995, was also for sale at £6,000 though there may be some confusion between the two trophies as surely an end-of-season Golden Boot should be worth more than a monthly trophy? The story, while of course distressing for Wright, also raises the age-old issue of value versus cost. To Wright, we're sure, these awards are priceless. And indeed even though he may not have possession of the trophy, he still has the honour of the award ... no-one can buy that (unless they're bribing their way to the highest goal tally). But nevertheless someone has put a price on these trophies, a price that is much higher than the cost to produce the item, but much lower than the value of the award. Presumably the prices in this case are memorabilia prices, based on the provenance of the trophies and items. Which is slightly different to buying trophies to award to players in your club, league or competition. For that, there are a number of online trophy shops selling brand new, unused, football trophies ... you can even buy a new football golden boot trophy to award, at very reasonable cost, but just remember it is the achievement itself that gives value to the trophy.