Monday, July 13, 2009

UK Internet Industry Awards 2009

Friday night saw the gala presentation ceremony for the 2009 UK Internet Industry Awards. Hosted at London's Grosvenor Marriott hotel, the black tie dinner and awards event included the announcement of winners in 14 separate categories related to the provision of internet services in the UK (details below). One item in particular in the pre-event publicity and marketing that caught our eye was this page detailing information, feedback, testimonials and business benefits from the 2008 event. Maybe we just haven't been taking notice, or maybe its a sign of the current economic climate, but this is the first time I've really noticed an event promoting itself on the direct business benefits of attendance, rather than the glamour, prestige or entertainment aspects of the event. Clearly, the 2008 event was followed-up with a feedback gathering process, and this allowed the organisers to highlight the fact that "over half the respondents made new business contacts" and that "over 84% ... considered the seniority of attendees as either 'good' or 'excellent'". Well done to the organisers on taking feedback last year and on being able to use aspects of that process to promote this years event. The other thing that caught our eye, not surprisingly, was the awards trophies. Following on from the 2008 trophy featuring a 'flame' award (similar jade glass flame awards available to buy here), the 2009 awards comprised a geometric 'peak' design flat glass award (similar flat glass peak awards available to buy online here). Crystal and flat glass awards offer a clean, contemporary and not overly ostentatious awards trophy for a variety of events and are perfect for awards in a modern sector such as the Internet industry. The categories and winners in the 2009 UK Internet Industry Awards were:

  • Best Consumer Fixed Broadband: O2
  • Best Business Fixed Broadband: Claranet
  • Best Consumer Mobile Broadband: Vodafone
  • Best Business Mobile Broadband: Freedom4Limited
  • Best Consumer Customer Service: O2
  • Best Business Customer Service: UK Fast
  • Best Dial-Up: Exa Networks
  • Best Shared Hosting: Namesco
  • Best Dedicated Hosting:
  • Best Internet Telephony: AQL
  • Best Streaming: Astream
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award:
  • Internet Hero: Featured Artists Coalition
  • Internet Villain: Stephen Conroy and the Australian Government