Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Community Award Winners Get Unique Trophies

A community awards scheme in south London has rewarded its winners with a unique trophy designed by artist Jon Revel. The Keeping Bexley Safe Awards were presented to individuals - whether volunteers or professionals - who help make the London Borough of Bexley a safer place to live and work. The awards were presented at the end of March at a ceremony in Hall Place, Bexley. All the winners were presented with the unique trophies and a cash prize to donate to a project of their choice. The trophy design featured an upturned hand set on a wooden base, with a circular disc placed in the palm of the hand. The disc featured the logo of the Bexley Community Safety Partnership. The awards recognised a remarkable achievement in the Bexley area, where - partly thanks to people and projects commemorated with the awards - the overall crime statistics have fallen every year since 2000 and are now 20% lower than nine years ago. Congratulations to all involved. Though the award trophy itself may seem a small detail given the importance and impact of the work of all the winners, by chosing a unique trophy it symbolises just how rare and uncommon their devotion to their community is.

Keeping Bexley Safe Awards
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