Thursday, February 19, 2009

BRIT Awards 2009 - That's The Way To Do It!

Another year, another very successful BRIT awards. If you're looking for an example of how to run a high-profile awards scheme, you would do worse than look at the BRITs. From their sponsorship deals to the media and publicity deals, the Show line-ups, production and broadcasts to the online audience engagement, they get so many things right it's hard not to look at the BRITs as an exemplary awards programme. Coverage of the 2009 event seems to be dominated by Duffy, who collected three awards but also managed the huge offence - to the UK newspapers, anyway - of swearing on live TV. All great publicity for Diet Coke, which used the BRIT awards TV coverage to launch a new £35m advertising campaign featuring Duffy. Another story getting great coverage was American singer Seasick Steve giving a 'surprise' busking gig at Earl's Court tube station. After flaunting London Underground's alcohol ban, the former street busker performed two songs to an audience that just happened to include press photographers and a BBC camera crew. Still, it made the papers and Websites and newsfeeds so the singer's publicists won't be too disappointed that he failed to win the award he was nominated for - International Male Solo Artists (won by Kanye West). One of the BRITs items reported on, and one which is close to our hearts here at Winners Podium, is the backstage 'goodie bag' available for winners, performers and presenters. There was some concern that the credit crunch might affect the 2009 goodie bags, but apparently brands and companies were just as keen to get their products into the hands of the BRIT stars and celebrities. Created by former Estée Lauder Head of Communications, Jo Fox-Tutchener, the goodie bags included jewellery, Republic T-shirts, Haviana flip flops and a camera, as well as the obligatory cosmetics products. The Daily Mirror's 3AM team reported that they received Missoni scarves, beach bags, Eve Long travel kits, Kylie scent, chocs and jewellery in their BRIT goodie bags. As we always say here at Winners Podium, the best corporate gifts to give are ones that resonate with the recipients - that is, they are useful, distinctive, and aspirational. And you don't have to have the production capabilities of the BRIT awards to create your own successful goodie bag - buy business gifts online and get prestige and personalised gifts for your next goody bag or awards presentation.