Thursday, January 19, 2006

Golden Globe Awards 2006

The 63rd annual Golden Globe Awards were announced this week in a lavish ceremony at the Beverly Hilton. The event, broadcast live by NBC television in the USA and syndicated globally, is one of the largest and most glamorous awards ceremonies in the world. For full details of the winners and photos of the event, we recommend the official Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globes website. The 2006 event featured no fewer than 45 Hollywood stars as presenters of awards, with figures ranging from Penelope Cruz, Tim Robbins, Pamela Anderson and Dennis Quaid to Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey and Catherine Deneuve. It is a measure of the sheer scale and momentum of these awards that they can attract such a large number of high profile actors and artists to present awards. As we commented last year regarding the 2005 awards (Golden Globes Set Shining Example), what really impresses us here at Winners Podium is how these awards manage to sit comfortably alongside other A-list film and TV awards ceremonies such as the Oscars. This mutual respect - deference? - was set at the very establishment of the Golden Globe Awards, when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HPAS) decided to hold their event in January so as not to clash with the Oscars ceremony later in the year (see history of the Golden Globe awards). One final item we would like to note regarding the Golden Globes - the HPAS has donated over $5.5m to entertainment related charities over the past 11 years thanks to the revenue raised by the awards ceremony. In 2006 the donation was over $1m, with an additional $250,000 donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.