Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Usability recognised in UKUPA Awards 2005

World Usability Day was held on 3rd November and as part of the event, the UK Usability Professionals' Association (UKUPA) announced its UKUPA 2005 Awards. A panel of 10 usability experts selected a shortlist of some of the most usable products and web sites in the UK, and these nominees were then voted on by the 300 strong membership of the UKUPA. The awards event was held at the London headquarters of sponsors Prudential and was hosted by the writer and presenter Bill Thompson. In line with the nature of the field, the usability awards event was less about tub-thumping and egos and more about encouragement, recognition of best practice, and a large amount of networking. A Usability Round Table, featuring usability leaders discussing key topics, was also hosted on the night. Details of the winners, and sponsors, of the usability awards are presented below. Additional sponsorship was provided by the publishing house New Riders.

  • Award: Best Website for finding information
    Sponsor: Amberlight Partners
    Winner: GoogleLocal (GoogleMaps interface)
    Finalists: Allmusic, Guardian Unlimited
  • Award: Best Website for communication between users
    Sponsor: Prudential
    Winner: Flickr
    Finalists: GoogleMail, MSN Messenger
  • Award: Best Website for online communication
    Sponsor: Foolproof
    Winner: JohnLewis.com
    Finalists: Skyscanner, Abebooks
  • Award: Best software application
    Sponsor: Foviance
    Winner: Firefox
    Finalists: iTunes, Google Desktop Search
  • Award: Best consumer product
    Sponsor: Flow Interaction
    Winner: iPod clickwheel interface
    Finalists: Nintendo DS, BT big button phone
  • Award: Best specialised / public technology
    Sponsor: Nomensa
    Winner: BA Self Service Check-in Kiosk
    Finalists: BBCi, Nationwide's ATMs