Wednesday, November 23, 2005

American Music Awards 2005

One of the best known music awards was held this week as the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles hosted the 33rd annual American Music Awards. These awards, one of four major annual US music awards shows, was created by Dick Clark in 1973 and this year's show was the first not to feature the legendary TV entertainer (he is recovering from a stroke). Clark created the awards to compete with the Grammy Awards, and differentiated the AMA's by using a poll of music buyers to determine award winners, rather than a panel of industry judges. For the 2005 AMA's, the winners were selected via a poll of 20,000 music buyers. The nominations list was determined by sales and the awards recognise all genres of modern music, from rock and pop to soul and R'n'B to country and western. In 2003 the scheduling of the Awards was switched from January to November so as not to clash with other major televised awards shows such as the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Winners of the AMAs receive a crystal pryamid award trophy (Buy Crystal Pyramid Awards Trophies Online) and, in order to retain an attractive and focused event for the television audience, acceptance speeches are restricted to just 45 seconds. One thing to note regarding the 2005 American Music Awards show, and which also applies to many other music and top-level entertainment awards, is the number of nominated and winning artists who failed to appear at the event. This year's absent winners included Green Day, Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas while other stars who were not presented include Eminen, 50 Cent and R. Kelly. There has always been speculation surrounding these top-level, televised awards shows about leading performers - or their recording companies - being pressured by TV networks into appearing at one awards show rather than another, but whatever the reason it makes for a poorer television show, and diminishes the awards, to have so many winners not present to accept their honours.