Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Frost & Sullivan 2005 Excellence in Energy Awards

Frost & Sullivan, the global consulting group, has announced that it will host its 2005 Excellence in Energy Awards Banquet at London's Russell Hotel on 17th November. These corporate awards seek to recognise outstanding performance and business achievement in a range of energy and power industries. The Excellence in Energy Awards are just one of a number of business awards administered by Frost & Sullivan across a range of sectors and industries. By running these awards programmes, the consulting group benefits from establishing itself as an authority in each sector as well as, of course, the opportunities to make personal contacts with the key management personnel in the leading companies in each industry. For the Excellence in Energy Awards Banquet, Frost & Sullivan will provide all three speakers from its own global staff. This business-like approach to the event continues through to the timetable, which includes a 'Networking Cocktail Reception' and, following the awards ceremony, 'Networking Drinks'. While these most businesslike of business awards may seem like hard work, the rewards are certainly worth the effort. In addition to the industry networking opportunities, and the motivation of measuring your company's performance against your industry peers, the PR benefits of winning a Frost & Sullivan award can be enormous. As we said back in January, Everyone's A Winner in Frost & Sullivan Awards.

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