Saturday, July 02, 2005

NMA Effectiveness Awards 2005

Twenty Internet projects were recognised this week in the NMA Effectiveness Awards 2005. These awards have been running since 1997 and seek to recognise the most effective use of interactive media. The awards are broken down into categories such as Music, Travel, Recruitment, Entertainment, Retail, Games, Sport and Charity & Voluntary Sector. There are also more specific awards, such as one for Sponsorship - won by the Volvo Life on Board project - and a number of 'Best Use Of' awards including Best Use of interactive TV, Best Use of Multiple Channels, Best Use of Wireless and Best Use of Web. A Special Award for Innovation went to BBC Radio podcasting while an honour for Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media went to Julie Howell, policy development officer at the RNIB. The Grand Prix winner was the How To Sleep Better project from BBC Learning and Interactive.