Monday, June 27, 2005

British Diversity Awards 2005

The 11th Annual British Diversity Awards were held recently at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. The Diversity Awards are organised by the charity Diversity Leaders UK which seeks to promote inclusivity in the workplace and society. The awards recognise excellent practice across the country and this year there were ten general categories for these awards:

  • Diversity Innovation & Awareness Champions (sponsored by the DTI)
  • Diversity in Education Champion
  • Diversity in Health Champion
  • Diversity in Public Service Champion (sponsored by the Department for Transport)
  • Diversity Team Champions
  • Diversity Executive Trendsetter Award
  • Media Diversity Excellence Award
  • 2005 BDA Champion Practitioners
  • 2005 BDA Fellowship
  • International Diversity Champion

According to Diversity Leaders UK, up to October 2004, organisations representing more than 19 million employees in the UK (an average of nearly 2 million per year) had entered the BRITISH DIVERSITY AWARDS since their creation, the largest impact for any awards in this country. The organisation is planning to launch a new awards event, the annual British Screen & Entertainment Awards, which will celebrate excellence and diversity in the performing arts. These awards aim to remedy what the organisers see as a 'gross lack of recognition' of visible minority artistes and their invisibility at other award ceremonies.