Thursday, April 07, 2005

Emmy Awards bid to increase TV audience

The Emmy Awards, the top daytime TV awards ceremony in the US, is taking steps to regain some of the TV audience for its headline awards ceremony. Under plans approved by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (organisers of the Emmys), the number of acceptance speeches at the awards ceremony is to be cut. The move is a bid to improve the entertainment value of the event as a television product, and follows last year's disastrous viewing figures for the 2004 Emmy Awards. Fewer than 14 millions viewers watched the three hour show, the second-lowest ratings ever for the Emmys. In 2002 the TV audience was almost 20 million for a show that was actually 15 minutes longer. In a further gesture to improve the appeal of the show, it appears that actors have escaped the speeches cull whereas it is the writers and directors whose acceptance speeches will be cut or replaced with short, pre-recorded interviews. In approving the plans, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' board of governors did reject proposals to cut the number of awards.

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