Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Trophies and silverware still top motivator

As we like to say here at Winners Podium, "Nothing Succeeds Like Success Rewarded". And by reward, we mean recognition. We mean acknowledgement and recognition of your achievement by your peers and the public. And as if to confirm this belief in recognition awards as a prime motivator, we turn to a recent interview with English soccer's pin-up boy, David Beckham. The football star currently plays with Spanish glamour side Real Madrid, who crashed out of the EUFA Champions League last week and are currently 11 points behind league leaders Barcelona in the domestic league (La Liga). It looks likely that this will be the second year that Madrid, and Beckham, will go without winning any trophies. However, rather than returning to his mansion and counting his substantial income, Beckham revealed that it is the desire to win trophies and silverware, rather than the cars in his garage, that drives him and his superstar teammates. Beckham said, "I want to win something with Real Madrid and it is looking unlikely now that it will happen this season." He revealed: "Of course that has to motivate me and the other players to go on and win something because a club like Real Madrid needs to win trophies." So there we have it. Even those at the very height of ability and professionalism are motivated more by recognition and achievement awards than by mere financial reward.