Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscars Still Top of the Awards Shows

For anyone living in space for the past couple of days, the 77th Academy Awards were held on Sunday night. Accompanied by an absolute mountain of media coverage, the Oscars once again proved that they are indeed the original and still the best industry awards going. In the US, the three-hour television broadcast attracted an average audience of 41.5 million viewers. In contrast, the Golden Globe awards in January had an average TV audience of 16.8 million viewers, and the Grammy Awards attracted some 18.8 million viewers. As would be expected for an awards event of this size, there are the usual negative comments following the show. Canadian comedian Chris Rock, who hosted the show for the first time, received mixed reviews from critics for his performance. And others have pointed out that the TV audience was actually down 5 per cent, or two million viewers, on last year's show. But despite these small issues, the Oscars once again showed us how to run, promote and stage a truly successful industry awards programme.