Thursday, March 10, 2005

Awards Entries: Be In It To Win It!

As one former soccer striker turned TV presenter likes to say, 'if you don't buy a ticket you don't win the lotto'. Which translates to the rest of us as 'if you don't enter an awards competition, you stand no chance of winning'. Tomorrow (March 11th) is the closing date for entries to one of the UK's most prestigious business awards, the Business in the Community Awards for Excellence. These awards programme seeks to recognise companies that demonstrate a high standard of excellence in their commitment to responsible business practices, and which can demonstrate a positive impact on both the business and on society. The 2004 Awards for Excellence recognised 138 companies, each of whom received the 'Big Tick' award. All these winners were able to use the Big Tick logo on their product packaging, corporate literature, web sites and other communications materials. The awards are run by the Business in the Community group in association with the Financial Times, are sponsored by the UK Government's Department of Trade and Industry and are supported by the retail group Marks & Spencer.

On a similar note, tomorrow is also the deadline for entries to the 2005 Oxfordshire Business Awards, the winners of which will be listed in July. Entries for the National Business Awards 2005 close on March 25th. These awards, dubbed 'the UK's business Oscars', have been running for four years now and recognise the importance of national and regional business excellence to the success of 'UK plc'.