Thursday, February 10, 2005

So Many Awards, So Little Time

So, the awards season is well and truly underway, with the Golden Globe Awards a couple of weeks ago, the Screen Actor's Guild Awards at the weekend, and the UK's BRIT awards last night. So many parties, so little time! But as the tuxedos and frocks are dry cleaned and put away for next time, the awards statuettes and trophies polished and a suitable place found to display them, where do the various top level awards stand after another year?

It is often commented that both the Golden Globe awards and the SAG awards are seen as an indicator of possible success in the Oscars. That may be true, but is the balance of power shifting slightly? Both the Golden Globes and the SAG recognise and reward achievement in both television and traditional cinema, whereas the Academy Awards are traditionally for the silver screen only. With the increasing popularity of 'home cinema' systems, huge flatscreen displays in the home, and the proliferation of TV channels via cable and satellite, which Awards are best placed to attract the public interest in years to come? As production values for top quality broadcast TV drama continue to rise, will the public still be as fascinated with an awards ceremony - no matter how glittering - that only rewards cinema releases? It won't happen for a while, but I just wonder what the future holds for these top level awards.

The BRITs, meanwhile, just seem to go from strength to strength. A quick look at their Web site today - - shows all the various syndication partners for the screening of the star-studded show. Despite its somewhat parochial title - the EUROs anyone? - these music awards outshine all the other domestic programmes in the UK and compete on a world stage with other top level events. Way to go, BRITs!