Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Snooker Bosses Unamused by Saucy Stunt

The governing body of the sport of snooker, World Snooker, has turned its nose up at a publicity stunt involving leading player Jimmy White and the sport's new sponsors HP Sauce. Despite a major sponsorship deal between World Snooker and HP Sauce, which includes the household food brand sponsoring the brown ball during the current Masters tournament, the ruling body has failed to ketchup with the spirit of the promotion. They have refused to recognise the change of name by Jimmy White, to James Brown, for the tournament. White (Brown) changed his name by deed poll as part of a promotion between himself and HP Sauce. The deal will also see him replace his traditional black dinner jacket for a brown one. But World Snooker insist that the player registered for the Masters tournament under his old name and therefore that is the name that organisers and TV commentators will use. It also means that if White/Brown were to win the tournament, there is no chance that the name James Brown would be inscribed on the winners trophy. The story about the name change - coupled with the player's excellent progress in the tournament - has led the media coverage of the Masters, surely a result for HP regardless of the stance of World Snooker.