Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Barclays Works Hard to Maximise Awards Benefits

So you're the lead sponsor of one of the world's highest profile soccer leagues. How do you maximise your media coverage? In 1993, Carling, then sponsors of England's top Premiership league, introduced two monthly awards - Player of the Month and Manager of the Month. These have continued over the past 12 years, with the current sponsors of the league, Barclays, presenting their own custom made trophies to the two winners each month. It is a sure fire way of keeping their brand in the sports news. Nice one Barclays.

But the hard work doesn't stop there. Barclays also run a number of other sports initiatives, most notably their Sports for Spaces programme of investment in community sports facilities across the UK. As part of this initiative, they run a Local Hero Award, created "to honour the unsung heroes who work endlessly to support grass roots sport in the communities across the UK". People can be nominated for these awards, and the winners receive a cash award to the team or charity of their choice, along with a limited edition silver medal. We particularly like the idea of seeking nominations - what better way to generate publicity and goodwill towards the initiative than word-of-mouth recommendations and active participation by ordinary people. Nice one again, Barclays.

Finally, the plug. If you are seeking to run your own awards programme, whether it be a monthly award such as the Barclays Player and Manager of the Month Awards, or an honour such as their Local Hero Award, we'd like to recommend our partner as a source for your silver awards trophies and awards medals. For an outstanding collection of crystal awards, we recommend our partner