Friday, February 25, 2005

Awards Success Offers Marketing Boost

They say 'Nothing Succeeds Like Success', and we're all familiar with the promotional phrase 'award winning', but how's this for some real world examples of the marketing boost an award can bring. The late Ray Charles is currently top of the US music charts with his last album, Genius Loves Company, after it won eight Grammy Awards. In the week after the awards ceremony, the album sold 224,000 copies. At number two in the Billboard 200 list are Green Day, who won best rock album in the Grammys. And the surge in sales for these awards winners comes despite the TV audience for the 2005 ceremony dropping to the lowest for ten years. Of course, the heavy in-store marketing of albums and artists, both before and after the Grammys, will have helped to promote the nominated and winning artists in all genres and categories. So there we have it - everyone's a winner! Awards winners, awards nominees, the awarding body and their sponsors, and the retail outlets selling the award-winning product.