Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Survey Piggybacks on Oscar Fever

Now here's a smart move. Turner Classic Movies, the UK cable and satellite film channel, has just released the results of a survey which asked who the British public think most deserves to have won an Oscar. The results were announced just a couple of days ahead of tonight's nominations for the 77th Academy Awards - perfect timing to fill the void ahead of the big Oscar announcement, and perfect timing to gain maximum impact for an Oscar-related news story. Well done TCM!

For reference, the most popular choices from the poll were: Alfred Hitchcock for Best Director; Samuel L. Jackson for Best Actor; and Demi Moore for Best Actress. None of these has ever won an Academy Award in their respective categories (not including honorary Academy Awards). The respondents were asked 'Who is the most deserving Director/Actor/Actress never to have won an Oscar?' For the Director category, Martin Scorsese was second placed and Stanley Kubrick third. For the Actor category, Jackson was closely followed in the voting by Steve McQueen and Richard Burton. And in the Actress category, Sharon Stone and Meg Ryan were second and third placed respectively.