Sunday, December 19, 2004

Golden Globes Set Shining Example

So the nominations for the 2005 Golden Globe Awards were announced last week. Yep, I know what you're thinking ... but we don't claim to be a 'news' site. If you want the latest news on these Awards, please visit the Official Website of the HFPA & the Golden Globe Awards. Failing that, there are numerous entertainment and film industry sites such as, Dark Horizons and the IMDb.

No, what actually interests us more here at is how such a high profile, prestige industry award such as the Golden Globes can co-exist in such apparent harmony with that industry's other high profile, prestige awards. In particular, it is interesting how the Golden Globe Awards, while hugely respected in their own right, are also seen as an indicator of the likely contenders and support for the Oscars. They are seen as a precursor to the Oscars and not as a competing award. One of the reasons for this may lie in the history of the Golden Globe Awards. Right from the very beginning the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organisers of the Awards, decided to schedule them for January so as not to clash with the Academy Awards. Whether from deference to their hosts, or to the prestige that the Oscars carried even at that time, those foreign journalists demonstrated their respect for the existing awards and organisers and they have been rewarded with what has become probably the second most prestigious movie (and now TV) awards in the US. There is a real lesson there for organisers and sponsors of awards in other industries - it is possible for two or more high profile awards to co-exist in a mutually beneficial relationship within the same sector or industry. So, for that foresight when originating the Golden Globe Awards, to the good folk of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ... we salute you!